Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Night's Dinner

I recently discovered a way for my family to enjoy grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free meats and seafood from a local farmer. I've always wondered silently if there was a way we could know exactly where the meat we were eating came from, and after doing some web surfing I found a family owned farm in Iowa. The name is called Wallace Farms, and they have a Naperville Farm club that I was able to join with a drop off just minutes from my house. Such an amazing group of people working together to produce quality meat and seafood!! So I placed an order for a sample package that included one Ribeye or New York Strip, one Top Sirloin, a Ranch or Eye, a Roast, & three lbs of Ground Beef. I also ordered some delicious, nitrate-free sausage made with spinach & feta cheese, & some italian sausage links.

Last night I had scheduled myself a client around dinner time, so I figured a crockpot meal could feed Spencer & Charli while I was busy. I decided to try a potroast with the roast from the sampler. I threw some small yellow onions, a couple large carrots,  three whole potatoes, and a few stalks of celery into the bottom of my crockpot. I then seared my roast (which was seasoned with ground black pepper and sea salt) on a very hot skillet to brown all sides. After searing it, I plopped it on top of the veggies and sprinkled five or six crushed garlic cloves (the more garlic, the better! SO good for you!) over it. I opened a small can of plain tomato sauce, and poured that over the top. Then I filled the crockpot about halfway with msg-free beef broth. Sprinkled a little ground sage, more sea salt,  pepper, & a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary in before I closed the lid and let it simmer gently for about 6 hours.
Let me tell you, the meat was the leanest I've ever eaten in regards to potroast. It wasn't dry (where it almost sticks to your teeth when you're chewing it) and had a lovely flavor. And just knowing I fed my daughter meat that was not pumped full of chemicals made it taste even better. Now, unfortunately the crockpot was still set on warm when I had gotten back up into the kitchen from working, and it could have easily been shut it off completely an hour earlier. Crockpot meals seem to stay hot forever! That could be the reason it was ridiculously steaming hot for a good ten minutes before I could take a bite without fear of scalding my mouth! If you enjoy potroast, this one was pretty darn tasty.

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