Saturday, April 21, 2012

Couple Helpful Household Tips

I have a very busy weekend visiting with relatives in from out of town. But quick, I'll share a couple cool things I learned this week--

Simple, natural deodorant idea I tried that actually worked- Extra virgin coconut oil.  That's it. At this time of the year, the oil is still pretty solid (it begins to melt at 76 degrees) so I just used a spoon to get some out of the jar, rubbed it between my hands to melt it, and rubbed it under my arms. At the end of the day, I was still fresh and odor-free! I LOVE coconut oil for so many things. I keep a jar on Charlotte's changing table to use on her skin; for any rash or irritation, the stuff works like a dream! I just recently began using it more in cooking, due to it's heat stability it's great for frying. Although it is high in saturated fat, it's a natural oil that has many health benefits outweighing it's high fat content. A great website for information on coconut oil-

Also, I have been having trouble with my dishwasher for the last few months. It simply doesn't clean the dishes. I have tried thoroughly rinsing them before loading it, I switched dishwashing detergent, added extra heat, used the pre-wash, nothing helped! Last week I tried filling a glass measuring cup with straight white vinegar. placed it on the top rack, and ran a cycle with the hottest water available, hoping it would de-gunk whatever was preventing the machine from working. I saw this pinned on Pinterest, though I'll have to delete it since it DID NOT WORK. Well then I heard from a friend of mine that she had made a natural type of dishwashing detergent and uses vinegar as the rinse agent (like where you'd put your "jet dry.") I tried this, and voila! Streak-free, clean dishes for the first time in months. Straight white vinegar did the trick. Oh, how I love homemade, natural household remedies!!!

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