Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Power of Real Food and Holistic Healing


So living here near the windy city of Chicago, we can get some pretty nasty winters. Having a kid, that usually means lots of sickness: colds, croup, ear infections, etc.  It's one of the things about being a parent that you assume comes with the territory,right? WRONG. Your child is not guaranteed to maintain a runny nose and perpetual cough from December through March. I know this because despite daily trips to stores, play dates, Park District classes, & working with the public, our family has made it through this past winter virtually virus and infection-free...without receiving flu shots, no use of  harsh, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer or toxic cleaning products, & we never tried to evade germs by using a shopping cart cover (haven't heard of them? Trendy, I know..but they exist). When the common cold bordered on us around the holidays, we were able to thwart it within just 24 hours by eating fresh, real food (including lots of nutrient-dense, homemade bone broth),  increasing our raw probiotic/supplement intake, using holistic healing remedies, & plain old hand soap. My kid will be 3 in two months and has never actually been sick. Besides a brief visit with the painless Roseola virus at 20 months and a few mild colds, she has remained clear of any bacterial infections and her immune system hasn't been weakened by antibiotics. Watching most of her peers struggle with on and off illness all winter long, I can only feel grateful to have the knowledge of natural healing to keep us healthy. Simple, organic living is such a beautiful certainly beats the alternative of having to rely on prescriptions & pills for constant ailments! Now this seasonal nasal allergy I seem to have developed recently is a blog for another day.....


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Spring is here! I love the feeling of newness; being outside and seeing all the trees and plants beginning to bud and bloom with fresh life..however, this year I seem to be feeling something else as well. Anyone else dealing with annoying runny nose, sinus congestion, or itchy eyes? 

Saturday, March 30, 2013 2:14 PM

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